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Fort Williams Park

Childrens Garden

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Celebrating the  natural environment, the Children's Garden invites visitors to engage the local ecosystem. Meadow, woodland and edge beckon children to explore and interact with the landscape.

Through careful detailing, each feature is considered for its ability to allow children to playfully connect with the natural world.

Services: Design & Construction Administration

East End Community School

Portland, Maine

With only standardized playground equipment on the grounds, this kindergarten to 5th grade public elementary school desired a wider variety of play experiences for the children and outdoor teaching resources for the teachers.

Because children learn through play, all elements within the design were considered learning opportunities. The playground integrates a natural stone climbing wall, bridges, sand, plant material, amphitheater and space for directed teaching activities to provide a diversity of play/learning opportunities that meet children's wide range of needs.

Shapleigh Middle School

Kittery, Maine

Middle School children bridge the gap between child and teen. This play space is specifically designed to use the landscape to get this age group moving and engaging their senses. The space provides numerous social nooks so important to tweens.   The standardized equipment is integrated among hills,  pathways and plants for play engaging users on many levels.


Sagamore Village Playground

Portland, Maine

Developed for Portland Housing Authority, this playground nestles traditional equipment among a planted hill to increase opportunities for imaginative play, physical and gross motor development and sensory stimulation while creating an engaging environment that maintains children’s interest. From the equipment to the playground edging, every aspect of the play space is intended to support healthy child development. Natural, local materials and native plantings were used to establish a sense of place which is welcomed within this urban housing community.


Additional Projects

Blossom Station Children's Center- Acton, Massachusetts

University of Maine, Sweatt-Winter Children's Center, Farmington Maine

Jewish Community Alliance Preschool, Portland, Maine

Henry Law Park, Dover, New Hampshire

British International School of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

The Children's Center, Portland, Maine

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